Thursday, 15 January 2015

Know your 36th psalm? Here's Ingemann's version

The Merciful One
(Based on Psalm XXXVI, vv. 5-9)

Lord, unto the heavens your mercy extends!
To clouds your great faithfulness rises;
O’er mountains the hand of your righteousness bends,
O’er valleys and towns of all sizes.

Your love, Lord, resembles the heaven’s embrace,
Each judgment the depths of the ocean.
You lead to salvation the souls of our race,
Pay heed to the sighs of creation.

Your great loving kindnesses, Lord God, abide
Where children of men toil and swelter!
In darkness the wing of your love is spread wide –
Beneath its vast shadow we shelter.

You slake the soul’s thirst in the desert’s cruel might,
You rescue the dove sorely frightened –
The fountain of life is with you, in your light
One day we shall all be enlightened.

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