Thursday, 29 January 2015

Another highly pietistic hymn from Brorson

Peace in Jesu’s death we surely

Peace in Jesu’s death we surely
could and should and ought to feel.
Of this his each wound securely
serves as pledge and proof and seal.
Tell all sinners now heart-riven
Peace is here, so freely given!

Simply come, you who are sighing,
faint and tired from threat of law!
From Christ’s wounds aren’t you descrying
their true meaning is far more?
He you from your pain did sever,
So, my heart, you’re free for ever.

Now farewell to all your raging
and your thunder, Sinai!
All my pain he is assuaging,
from chastisement sets me free.
Every drop of blood that’s flowing
copious grace on me’s bestowing.

Jesus! let the soul but tarry
in your great pain’s sweet relief;
let your pierced side safely carry
all my longing, hope, belief!
Then in paradise your dying
I’ll be ever glorifying.

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John Irons said...

Brorson pronounced Sinai as three syllables. In some versions the Danish also has Sinaï.