Sunday 1 February 2015

Poem by the Danish writer Chr. Richardt

Nighttime star, please teach me

Nighttime star, please teach me
unswervingly, completely
just to tread the path I see
heaven’s Lord’s apportioned me!
Nighttime star, please teach me!

Meadow flowers, please teach me
that summer soon will reach me,
though the world is deep in woe
’neath winter snow to start to grow!
Meadow flowers, please teach me!

Barren heath, please teach me
you brown lark’s nest, if needs be,
though no harvest’s richly blessed,
to let the song dwell in my breast!
Barren heath, please teach me!

Countless waves, please teach me
to bear my yoke discreetly,
at setting sun, like you, not cease
to mirror some of heaven’s peace!
Countless waves, please teach me!

Rich-green groves, please teach me
to offer shade to each, be
it friend or foe that passes by
along my path in sun-filled sky!
Rich-green groves, please teach me!

Sun in cool of evening,
teach me the art of leaving,
to night’s depths never to be drawn
unless at dawn I rise reborn!
Teach me, sun, such leaving!

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