Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A much later Brorson, from his 'Svanesang' (Swan Song), published one year after his death

Jesus is all to me.

Jesus is all to me. Nought can befall me
     I cannot bear;
Since e’en what’s best will be later recalled, he
     Only is there.
Wordly things we merely loan or we borrow,
     Pass to and fro;
They change hands constantly, now or tomorrow.
     Ah! Let them go!
Jesus is &c. &c.

Time’s but a grain of sand, hardly a second,
     All goes so fast.
Misery’s over though when death has beckoned –
     Home, then, at last.
Be of good cheer, my heart! let nothing earthly
     Vex or annoy!
Better to trust in one’s fortune, with mirth to
     Sing songs of joy.
Time’s but a grain &c. &c.

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John Irons said...

dear david,

today i finished the 27th brorson translation (3x3x3), completing book three of the four planned.
the second book will be b.s. ingemann, with 'morning and evening songs' plus eight others. once the introduction has been written, it is ready for publication. the brorson i would love to get out this year as well, but have no idea if this is feasible.
the fourth book envisaged is a corresponding book featuring kingo translations.