Thursday 23 July 2015

One of the best-known Kingos - in this hymn-book version

Morning Song

From eastern skies I now
See sunlight streaming,
It gilds the rockface brow,
Sets hillside gleaming,
Rejoice, my soul, and let your praise be ringing,
From earthly home set free,
Through thanks and faith now be
To heaven winging.

Like countless grains of sand,
And without measure,
Like ocean depths unspanned,
Is mercy’s treasure
Which daily God upon my head is spilling:
His boundless grace I sup
Each morning from the cup
He’s bent on filling.

He has throughout the night
With hosts of angels
My house and home sealed tight
So that no danger
Could threaten me and mine and cause to languish:
I’m saved eternally,
From death’s dark path set free
And soul’s keen anguish.

My soul, be of good cheer,
Cast out all weeping,
Your body’s petal here
Is in God’s keeping:
He will today give me the strength and power
My calling to pursue,
To give my God His due
At every hour.

Let God join hands with me,
Fill me with Spirit
So trusting I may be,
My calling merit!
O bless me from on high, Lord God, I pray thee!
May constant faith in thee
And my own industry
Suffice me daily.

Today let no sin seize
My mind and blind me,
So what my God would please
I can gauge finely:
But should I go astray and chance to falter,
O God, set me aright,
Don’t punish me outright
As a defaulter.

Thou best my wants and needs,
O Lord, discernest,
And fortune too concedes
What thou affirmest,
And what would serve me best need not be asked for,
Thou knowst it long before!
My soul, why wish for more?
Let God be Master.

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