Thursday 30 July 2015

This Kingo hymn actually only ever contained four verses!

Mighty God and Saviour mine

Mighty God and Saviour mine,
Who is there with power divine
That with thine can be compared?
No one has from Adam shared
Such a father, or such kin,
Such a mother free from sin,
That a virgin son has born.

John the Baptist, O great Lord,
Who so early walked abroad,
To proclaim thee to the world,
Stated clearly, so folk heard,
He was but a voice that called,
Preaching solace unto all
Who by sin were worn and torn.

He felt quite unworthy too
Thy shoe’s latchet to undo!
What am I then, Adam’s child,
Nought but dust, dirt, filth reviled!
I lack every shred of worth
To walk where thou trodst on earth,
Or within thy courts to bide.

Root of Jesse, Jesu sweet,
I by prayer and penance meet
Will for thee a place prepare
In my soul and heart to share:
Visit it and shape it best,
Enter in and be my guest,
Grant a blessed Christmastide.

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