Saturday 18 June 2016

The best-known Swedish summer song by Israel Kolmodin

A Summer Song

The flowering season’s here now
With beauty and great joy/
Delightful summer’s near now
When grass and plants deploy.
The gentle sun’s warmth coaxes
Fresh growth in what’s been dead;
As soon as she approaches/
Reborn life lies ahead.

The meadows’ lovely flowers
And fields of sprouting seeds/
The budding plants in bowers
And all the green-leafed trees/
Should serve to make us wonder
At God’s great goodness here:
On God’s grace then to ponder
Which lasts throughout the year.

We hear birds gladly raising
Their many-throated song;
Shall we then not be praising
Our Lord God too ere long?
My soul, extol God’s splendour
And joyous songs unfold/
That bring delight and tender
Such benefits untold.

Christ Jesus, sun ascending,
Our source of joy and light/
Stay with us till life’s ending;
Our cold minds warm aright:
Renew our soul and spirit:
Our hearts with love’s fire brand:
All pain and grief inhibit/
With thy most gentle hand.

Thou Sharon’s flowers alluring/
Thou lily in green vale/
Ah! crown the soul ensuring
That good deeds there prevail:
Thy mercy shower discreetly/
Like dew of Zion snows;
That it may smell as sweetly/
As Lebanon’s fair rose.

Bless this year’s crop now growing,
And water all our land:
Be daily bread bestowing;
Bless likewise sea and strand.
Thy footsteps drip with richness.
Us nourish with thy word/
And with its wondrous sweetness/
While we have life on earth.

For anyone finding the translation unlikely, consult the original Swedish version to be found under the usual one here.

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