Tuesday 28 June 2016

Klaus Høeck - 'Legacy' - pp. 346-347

       writing poems as
if the words did not exist
       that is possibly

       also a way out
but i really don’t know when
       one happens to have

       fallen in love with
the words – such as HERZBLUT or
       completely ordi

       nary words such as
these ones – then i i really don’t
       know what to write

       or conversely to
write poems as if only
       the WORDS existed

       that would be even
more peculiar seeing
       the fact that i have

       loved my wife now for
more than thirty years without
       one solitary

       word when the chips were
really down as here and now
       where the poem ends

       thus there is only
this third possibility:
       to let the poem

       float freely between
word and reality like
       the butterflies o

       ver HEARTland that swirl
like shreds of truth and like lies
       that have been torn to

       pieces with flutter
ing wings that make the world (in)

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