Tuesday 25 September 2018

Arnold Jansen op de Haar poem for yesterday - congrats!

poem for my 49th birthday

the loneliness of objects
at evening in look-alike streets

the gnarled names
carved in trees

like the painted empty space
next to widows
in their twin beds

or think of the dark silence
of the musician at the wedding

the smell of dead furniture
in second-hand shops

the feeling that someone
on the shoulders of someone
is watching too over the wall
of years

anyone alive also knows
the horror of marriages
the days that come
the days that go

like sex on a sunday morning
and butter that’s good
for your cholesterol

the friend with his
all-of-a-sudden lesbian wife
then stays on nine more years

first love was there
then love was not there
then there was not love

thinking about
a face as of
a commercial the jingle
that sticks in your mind

suddenly along the
motionless river bank
my vigilant father walks
resistance is no virtue
but shows where the very own
storm is forming
I am the boy

say to those to come
that I will walk
in the dissembling present
towards the end
of the night
until the morning-red rain

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