Monday 24 September 2018

Klaus Høeck '1001 DIGT': entries for 24 September

     at the moment i
am working mostly on the
     poem’s inner lines
     am moving in reali
ty more from one particu
     lar core to the next
     rather than from he
deboerne across to
     andebølle and
     back again i am
really mainly walking in
     the shadow of words

     i pulled myself in
     to grammar’s most tang
led undergrowth of blackber
ry bushes where the words were
     cold and black like the
     juice of the berries
     themselves and i tacked
     the poem toge
ther with thorns and afterwards
sealed it with silicone de
     fining it as quite

     i withdrew i made
     my retreat into
densest thicket of dogrose
     bushes locking the
     poem in a lan
     guage that was so ut
     terly danish that
it could only be read and
experienced under a
     sky that was lit up
     by norse cirrus clouds

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