Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Jacobus Revius: 'Antichrist' (1630)


    Should e’er the shaggy snow not coat the Alps so high,
Should e’er the summer’s warmth be turned to shiv’ring cold,
Should e’er the sky above from earth its dew withhold,
Should e’er all living beasts the Oceans lick quite dry,
    Should e’er the far North Pole as lodestone fail to attract,
Should e’er the grey-furred wolf with timid sheep keep faith,
Should e’er maid turn to man, or man with maid change place,
Should e’er the earth stretch round the heavens’ endless tract,
    Should e’er the sun and moon their orbits fixed exchange,
Should e’er a human hand high heaven’s hand outrange,
Should e’er the Seraphim their Maker fail to trust,
    Should e’er the Lord’s great might and goodness helpless lie,
Should e’er God’s Son once more upon the cruel cross die,
Then will the Antichrist God’s children grind to dust.

 To see the original poem, go to here.

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