Thursday, 10 December 2020

Lars Gustafsson: 'Antik filosofi i Eubolides efterföljd'

 Antique philosophy in

compliance with Eubolides


We do not belong to real phenomena.
We are not found among fundamental things:

We are the colours

shifting around in the tiniest of cracks.

We are the shadows. And the all too lively fire

allows us for a moment to play against a wall.

We coruscate, we opalesce.


We are the flitter,

fluttering shadows and light

over the stones below brown bog-water

that flows so rapidly in the mountains.

We only exist from the side,

and only as long as the fire is very lively.


Real things are not like us.

Real things have darkness and weight,

they possess a terrifying density

and we are not ever permitted

to see them.


They move across the floors of the world

down there beneath the light of all suns,

they are gigantic, like fish of black stone.

They are the real things.

The oldest fish.

To see the original poem, go to here.

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