Wednesday 22 March 2023

Hendrik van Veldeke: 'Scone wort bit soeten sange'



Scone wort bit soeten sange


Scone wort bit soeten sange

troosten dicke swaren moet.

die mach men gerne halden lange,

want sie siin ons altoos goet.

ich singe bit vele droeven moede

dore die scone ende die goede.

op heren troost ich wilen sanc:

sie hevet mich mistroost, des is te lanc.


Here stonde bat dat sie mich trooste

dan ich dore sie gelage doot,

want sie mich wilen ere erlooste

uut maneger angestliker noot.

alse sie't geboetet, ich bin here dode,

mare iedoch so sterve ich node.

hebbe ich ane here noch goeden troost,

ich sal van allen sorgen siin erloost.




Pleasing words to tuneful singing


Pleasing words to tuneful singing

can relieve a dreary mood.

in our thoughts they long stay clinging

for their influence is good.

Now my song is sad in mood,

Lovely though she be and good.

Once for solace was my singing:

she caused grief to halt my clinging.


Worse had solace been if suffered

than from envy to face death.

formerly much help she proffered

when from dread I gasped for breath.

I for her would fain meet death,

yet would live till my last breath.

should I spurn her help if proffered,

gone were all the cares I’ve suffered.

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