Tuesday 21 March 2023

Henrik van Veldeke (12th century): 'Die da horen minen sanc'



Die da horen minen sanc


Die da horen minen sanc,

ich wille dat sie mich’s weten danc

stadelike ende ane wanc.

die ie geminden ofte noch minnen,

die siin blide in manegen sinnen.

des die dombe niene beginnen,

want sie die minne niene dwanc

noch here herte ne rachte binnen.



Those who hear my song aright


Those who hear my song aright,

from them I wish for unfeigned delight

instantly and without fright.

those who once loved or still do today

truly are happy in every way.

others quite stupidly fail to start,

for love could never despite its dart

manage to pierce them to the heart.




1 comment:

John Irons said...

versions of the original vary a great deal as regards spelling. the one i have used is from dbnl, but i have found a more 'german' version as regards both consonants and vowels.