Saturday 25 March 2023

Henrik van Veldeke: 'In den tiden van den jare'


In den tiden van den jare


In den tiden van den jare

dat die dage werden lanc

ende dat weder weder clare,

so ernouwen openbare

merelare heren sanc,

die ons brengen lieve mare,

Gode mach her’s weten danc

dé hevet rechte minne

sonder rouwe ende ane wanc.


Ich bin blide dore here ere

die mich hevet dat gedaen

dat ich van den rouwen kere,

dé mich wilen irde sere.

dat is mich nu also ergaen:

ich bin rike ende grote here,

sint ich moeste al ombevaen

die mich gaf rechte minne

sonder wiic ende ane waen.


Die mich drombe willen niden

dat mich lieves iet geschiet,

dat mach ich vele sachte liden

noch mine blitscap niewet miden,

ende ne wille drombe niet

na gevolgen den onbliden.

sint dat sie mich gerne siet

die mich dore rechte minne

lange pine dougen liet.




At the season of the year


At the season of the year

when the days grow bright and long

and the skies once more turn clear

when anew we start to hear

blackbirds chirp their piping song

with glad tidings for our ear,

may to God all praise belong

from all hearts that love revere

free from sorrow, glad and strong.


I ascribe my joyous fate

to the one who’s brought me out

of my sorrow-laden state,

lifting off its crushing weight.

Such a change has come about:

a great lord I now equate,

all restrictions I can flout

since pure love she did donate,

free of refuge and of doubt.


Those who envy show or hate

for this wonder safely stowed,

I can calmy contemplate

for my joy they can’t deflate,

or cause me to take the road

joyless feet negotiate. 

Since her favour she’s bestowed

she who through true love of late

on me anguish did unload.


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