Thursday 13 June 2019

HCA: 'Hist hvor vejen slår en bugt'

Mother and child

At the bend made by the road
Lies a lovely old abode.
All its walls are slightly skew
Window panes are small and few,
Door that’s now begun to sag,
Dog that barks, the scallywag,
’Neath the eaves are chirping swallows,
Setting sun – you know what follows.

In the evening sun’s mild glare
Mother’s sitting in her chair;
Both her cheeks flame rosy red,
On her lap the child’s been fed.
Such a fit and healthy boy,
Apple-cheeked and full of joy!
See, how blows she now is feigning
On his tiny toes she’s raining.

Arching high its back, the cat
Is much bothered by a gnat;
Hits it with a hefty paw,
As a courtier stands once more.
Mother strokes her baby’s cheek;
See, in no time it’s asleep,
In its cradle now lies beaming,
As of angels it is dreaming.

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