Monday 10 June 2019

Thomas Tidholm: 'Guds son'

God’s son

‘Let this cup pass from me’
I’ve heard that Jesus often used to say
He could be sitting by the fire
frying some locusts
and the smoke would sort of always
be blowing into his face
He didn’t use to talk much around that time
and if he did say anything it was often
trenchant or sort of tortuous
and then he’d snigger in a special way
Peter and Judas and the others
had already heard most of it
They used to sit a bit away from him
setting traps for lizards

‘Let this cup pass from me’
he’d say staring away bleary-eyed
He’d have preferred not to become famous and die
It seemed so exaggerated when he sat there
But it was his old man
who was pressuring him
and was going to frame him
for all the crap
in the world

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