Friday, 23 August 2019

Torild Wardenær: 'The fiddlers'

The fiddlers

There’s a great deal we never get to know anything about. The fiddlers for example.
For that reason, there is not anything special to say about them. All we have heard is this:
They came to town one afternoon. They were going to stay at Hotel Union, and for a while
reception was full of dark-dressed men with embroidery on their jackets and their fiddles
safely stowed away in black cases.
Nobody opened them and played on their instruments right then. It would probably not
have been appropriate. It is almost certain that one or other of them must have felt like 
striking up a tune.
Anyway, it didn’t happen. But later, when they had all been given rooms, some
scattered notes could be heard coming from various rooms in the west wing.

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