Sunday 3 May 2020

Bart Moeyaert: 'Joseph tells his parents and brothers about his dream'


Stealing he did not feel was some great deal,
and honesty was therefore never on the cards.
Her heart is what he’s stolen from her, made
wholly blind his eyes, and now resolved
to give his dreams full credence, no halves shared,
nor yet the glaring light in which he stands.
He just assumes possession, assumes for instance
we will kneel before him, kneel on our souls
if need be, but we’re past masters now at feigning
and thus remain our own, although we bow still deeper
than he decrees and sweep the ground he treads
with our own hair, crippling his kingdom as we go,
it’s nice and cold there, so close, and very foul,
but let him howl with pleasure in his hole.

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