Monday 18 May 2020

Ludvig Holstein: 'Det er i dag et vejr - et solskinsvejr'

How fine it is today

How fine it is today – a day of sun!
Oh spring so dear, once more you have begun!
Now all those winter months are gone completely,
I will buy hyacinths that smell so sweetly
and take them to the one my heart has won.

She bought some white and then she bought some blue,
she bought of those most beautiful in hue.
How fine it is today! The sun is shining!
And happy memories are me entwining,
I’ll take them with me to my love so true.

And they came floating down in rings and rows.
She passed among them and her heart still glows.
It is a day of sunshine without equal!
And I have sun enough till there’s a sequel,
and I must kiss each little leaf that grows.

She kissed them all, she kissed them one by one,
she took them to the one her heart had won.
My friend, look, hyacinths that smell so sweetly!
My friend, those winter months they’re gone completely!
How fine it is today, a day of sun–!

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