Saturday 2 May 2020

Tsead Bruinja: 'zegt ze'

so she says

the wind through the twigs
finds a knot

the wind through the twigs
finds a trunk

tumbles into the ditch
and finds heaving water

stumbles on

she draws a circle in the sand

the meadow in september lushly lingers like a lazy squire
who in the prime of life can afford to cease his labours.
high stakes. old money. a man who even so refuses to make
room, who has come to see working as playing. he picks up
the scythe to bed down the last grass and feed it

how can a final chord find its beginning here
how can for this an instrument from us

that harrassed by dreams which we perceive as crucial allies
flee into a barn at the first drop of rain

so she says

draw a circle on the ground
with two sleeping people inside

or to prevent worse

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