Saturday 2 October 2021

Laus Strandby Nielsen: 'Man ligger som man har drømt'

one reaps what one dreams


One reaps what one dreams.

One is not oneself. One is the one

reaping what one dreams, i.e.


one is the one already on his way

at full speed or lying down

lengthwise or crosswise or floating,


one is not oneself, one is the one

one dreams, the one with

moments of time all over one’s body


as if all the world’s voices

could tattoo themselves into the dream,

this false laughter, this shout


for more. But no. It is time.

Arise, take your poison and walk.

Your poison is Partly. It works.


Slowly. There is time. Lots

of time. Time to dream. First.

Or last. One says to oneself.


But one is not oneself. Before

it is time. And time once more.

And more time. And no more time.

1 comment:

John Irons said...

whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (galatians VI, v. 7)

rise, take up thy bed and walk (john V, v. 8)