Saturday 2 October 2021

Laus Strandby Nielsen: 'Triosonate for gummisko, småsten og knallert'


trio sonata for sneakers, pebbles and moped


Firstly everything draws closer and closer.

Because it’s still far away. Only later:

sharp serrations of light and dark. And then


the moped simply saws the audience 

into two halves, via surprise and recognition,

hope and memory, via endless repetitions


and at long last, via its sound.

It’s those in the middle who get sawn in half,

who move on. The rest stay where they’ve always been.


And there the next movement’s already in full swing

in all its primitive might. People’s ears are full of pebbles

of various sizes and in various languages.


Those sawn in half have already for some time

by this time – and not without grumbling – been stuck

in a phone queue with 77 pardons.


On soundless sneakers the trio and thus

the sonata as well run up the long, long

yes, endlessly long flight of steps to heaven.


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