Wednesday 27 October 2021

ZKV 101: 'Taking the biscuit'

 ZKV 101


Taking the biscuit


To call Kim Larsen (1945-2018) a Danish popsinger would get most Danes’ backs up. For he not only sang songs, he wrote them, he interpreted other people’s songs, he became, what in Danish is called a ‘folkeeje’ (part of its national heritage). In one of his songs he asks: ‘Fik du set det du ville/Fik du hørt din melodi?’ (Did you see what you wanted (to)/Did you hear your melody?). 

As I walked the doggie this evening on a strangely warm but humid autumn evening, I involuntarily misquoted and sang: ‘Did you get what you wanted (to)?’ and thought, it ought to have been ‘Did you do what you wanted (to)?’

This led inevitably to asking ‘Did you get what you deserved?’ and ‘Did you do what you deserved (to)’ . though I’m unsure if the latter means anything at all.

Such philosophical musings take up much of the time Eddie and I spend together. Philosophy, I say to myself, is a tough cookie. But, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


I am ashamed to admit that American English has the edge on British there. As a translator, I offer a prize (of merit, not money) to anyone who can come up with a British English equivalent. For such an attempt, dear reader, would really take the biscuit.

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