Saturday 4 November 2023

Thor Sørheim: 'GLEM SMELLET'



What has not yet come into existence implies

that something does do so. We know nothing about

what will occur, and everything that does always has

its apportioned time. If creation comes to a halt, the stitching

of existence unravels. We always have to continue towards

what is created, from something we did not know about


in our neck of the woods. Some people claim this is due to

the big bang, some things are created out of nothing,

but nothing can just as readily be created

out of something which took the opposite direction.

Only that which creates is eternal, planets collide

like buses on the ice in the morning rush. I don’t think


all that much about the big bang. There is no beginning

and no ending, everything that is born and dies

is eternal. The colours on the hillslopes in Losbymarka, the view

from a pass in the Causasus mountains. The clearest thoughts

are created in my senses, from hail showers, heartbeats

and hallucinations as they slip into language.



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