Monday 29 July 2019

Henrik Nordbrandt: 'Magritte in Malatya'

Magritte in Malatya

A piano is, when it becomes autumn
and four men come and place it
at a spot where the notes can be heard
from a house on the other side of the river.

The river is, where it becomes autumn
and its water carries off the leaves
so that even in clear weather one
seldom sees a whole reflection of the full moon.

The full moon is, when four men come
and place a piano beneath it.
It does not matter if the piano is out of tune
and who is playing it is irrelevant

as long as it is autumn, and the river
carries the yellow leaves further off.
The leaves are yellow because the four men
cause them to rustle when they approach.

They swear, as they struggle with the piano
which has a blue finish and is decorated
with floral wreaths in silver and gold.
The men are wearing white coats and bowler hats.

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