Wednesday 5 May 2021

Kjell Espmark: 'Skrivet i sten'


Written in stone


Come closer, even closer

so close that you can touch the text.

If you press your fingertips against mine

you can feel the pulse from a world

that hung together like a conspiracy.

Of my own life I remember nothing

but believe through writing sought to gain a larger I

that was to dwell in my signs

with a door open to anyone wishing to enter.


Perhaps I was originally a farmer’s son.

If you lean your brow against the stone

you will probably hear my stalwart thoughts

like a distant laden ox-cart along the mountain path.

Possibly I became some kind of orator

and captivated listening crowds

in a rush easily confused with life.


Come closer, a millimetre into the stone.

Lend me your voice

and I will tell you who you are.

Lend me your eyes

and I will show you a world

that in a minute makes the whole world clear.

Lend me your breath

and with a gasp you will understand

you have lived a very long time.

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