Thursday, 30 June 2022

Klaus Høeck: 'Åndelig øvelse 10' (Heptameron)




mental exercise

number ten

consider the chair of

your writing desk intently

and say: there we have

a writing desk chair

it is not an

french empire chair or

a deck chair or

something as bizarre as

a safari chair – it is

real or it is really a

writing desk chair 





now close your eyes

and imagine

how it looks

in every detail

the semicircle of the back

the faded green

velvet seat – the chair

legs as if turned

or carved out

of a fairytale

say then to yourself:

i am now imagining

my writing desk chair 





begin now to

fantasise about

your writing desk chair

that for example it

has wings that

it flies off

at night while

you lie dreaming

about it – that it has

a deep voice etc

say then to yourself:

i am now fantasising about

my writing desk chair 





after that draw it

as well as you can

on a piece of

typewriting paper

preferably with indian ink

but most of all with

watercolours – insert

the word ‘writing desk chair’

and add an arrow

then write at the bottom of

the drawing: i have

now depicted my

writing desk chair 





finally settle yourself

comfortably in

your writing desk chair

and listen for a

long time to its peevish

creaking and groaning

do not as far as is possible

say anything to your

self but remain

sitting for a while and then

repeat all of mental

exercise number ten

point by point 


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