Wednesday 29 June 2022

Klaus Høeck: 'Åndelig øvelse 7' (Heptameron)




mental exercise

number seven

sit down next

to one you are fond

of who’s about to die

(it’s all right to choose

a cat if you

feel that would

make it

easier) place your hand

on this person or creature

and feel the disease raging

in there in the body 





feel how

the cancer’s primadonna

is dancing on her

mountain of black varnish

how life

is fighting its

final battle and

slowly ebbing away

do not show the slightest

sign of fear

why should you

do that anyway it’s not

you who have to die yet 





now say in a firm

and clear voice:

there is no such thing as death

death is only a

transition to

eternal life –

go on say it

i mean: you are

a christian aren’t you –

you haven’t just had water

poured over your head
it actually meant

something – didn’t it? 





continue with

even greater emphasis

and without

trembling: Oh death

where is thy sting

Oh grave where is

thy victory –

see the dying one right

in the eyes and

say it loud and

clear – you don’t want

to make a joke of the

scriptures do you? 





refrain from

crying show no

grief – there is

no reason for it

it is a happy

event you are

present at – isn’t it?

it is when all

is said and done

the final miracle

in the seventh night

so phone death

and get it over with

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