Wednesday 1 June 2022

ZKV 103: 'The stoat'


The stoat


Today I met a live stoat, or was it a weasel? What is the difference? Between mustela erminea and mustela nivalis, to be more precise. Which is the nastier? The latin does not tell us. They are both small, brown and ferocious mustelids. I think it must have been a stoat, for they are feisty predators, known for hypnotising. They make an initial attack to scare their opponents, then wait for a tactical opening and then strike without any compunction whatsoever. They are cold-blooded killers. There is no trace of any mercy. They not only defend their own territory but seek to destroy potential threats.

My problem is that this one tried to give the impression of being hypnotisingly friendly. Of being willing to communi-cate. But then again, it was disguised as a human.


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