Wednesday 29 June 2022

Klaus Høeck: 'Åndelig øvelse 3' (Heptameron)




mental exercise

number three

the following things are needed:

a cup coffee cup

or tea cup

(a tooth mug is

also ok)

a ball preferably

of wood about three

centrimetres in diameter (like a

table tennis ball) 





now you place the

cup on a table

and hold the ball

in your right hand

above the cup for as long

as you are

physically able

(make a supreme


finally the ball

falls into the cup

you have carried out

a necessary act 





you let a

certain time pass

then you pick up

the ball once more (because

you are going to use

the cup for something

else) and place

it on the table

perhaps next to

schack staffeldt’s

selected poems

you have carried out

a probable act 





after another

pause you take

the ball with your

left hand and

try by throwing

from a certain distance

(about a metre)

to place the ball

in the cup again

at some point or other

you will manage this

you have carried out

a random act 





finally you sit

down at the table

and imagine

that precisely when

you have counted

to a hundred you will

pick the ball up

from the cup again

do precisely as

you have imagined

this you

have carried out

a free act


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