Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Schack Staffeldt: 'Indvielsen'


I sat far out on the sound’s still shore,
     The heavens smiling;
And filled with longing I gazed down o’er
     The waves beguiling.
The sun slipped into the sea’s embrace,
The coast and sky found a blushing grace.

With sweet foreboding a harp I heard,
     The clouds now rending;
The muse descended, in sunlight girt,
     Her lyre extending.
Sealing my lips with kiss of fire
She plunged into her glittering pyre.

Then all around me the world was new:
     The winds spoke softly;
From pale clouds drifting before the moon
     Called spirits lofty;
In all creation a loving heart beat,
My own reflection from all did me greet.

Since then the earth each thought and desire
     Does now emprison;
Though longing is eased by dream, plucked lyre
     And premonition,
The kiss still consumes me, no peace will see birth
Until the heavens are brought to earth!

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