Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Knud Sørensen: 'Om kultur'




And an old woman

is slowly making her way

along the pavement

with her stick in one

and shopping bag in the other

of her hands,

and as she is

about to cross the road

it starts to rain

and she thinks of the corn

and how she always ties the sheaves

precisely now,

and preferably without rain

dear lord

remember this now,

we could do with a couple of weeks

without rain,

and she looks around her,

but it’s a long way to the sky

and to the fields

and the houses lie in the way,

and once more she notices

the rain.

Stay here,

she says

and is scarcely

inaudible any longer,

stay here, rain,

and let me

take you on me.

And she moves on

happily burdened

by her lot.


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