Tuesday 16 March 2021

Knud Sørensen: 'Regn I', 'Regn II'



The rain falls on the green meadows

and black-and-white cattle.

The rain makes the landscape look

like a picture in a newspaper

You drive past it

Put the heating on to clear the windscreen

Rain doesn’t taste of anything special.

But rain becomes more green grass

more cattle, more milk, more butter, more cheese.

Everything depends on rain. Houses, people,

human happiness and fertility.

Everything derives from these uncharming drops.

You come to terms with them.

You drive through them. Suddenly

full of understanding.



To stand at the window

on a Sunday evening

and the coffee’s been drunk

and it gets darker

and at last it’s started to rain

and the trees have come out

and the strawberries are in flower

and suddenly you recall

what it’s like to walk in the rain

on a spring evening

and get wet together

and not yet have anywhere to go

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