Saturday 20 June 2020

Klaus Høeck: 'Canzone' (1981)

I know full well why I’m standing in Titan
gade: so as to write about it. I can
close my eyes, and then it lives on as a white
after-image. And if I open them slight

ly, it shows itself as a red gash behind
my eyelashes, but in actual fact it
is a large and open industrial street
an unsuitable place to live for mankind

unhealthy for cats, sparrows and serrated
garlands of beech trees. There’s nothing except e
namel and chrome that can thrive in this precinct.

Both company directors and property
owners should try living here in the stinking
pollution they have produced and created.

This is one poem from 'Canzone'. To see the translation of the whole collection, go to here

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