Friday, 2 April 2021

Knud Sørensen: 'Drømmen'




I want things to be simple

and easy to understand:

One starts by tilling the soil and afterwards one

sows. Then the sun shines and it rains and the sun shines again

and one day the green shoots have appeared. Then one sees that

the shoots grow into plants and the plants grow and

flower and seed and the sun shines and the seeds mature

and it is time to harvest.

Then one harvests. Then one threshes and hides some of the

seeds so that one can sow then the following spring and one hides

some of the seeds to use then during the winter and the rest of

the seeds one sells.

During the winter one takes care of one’s animals.

That is how one lives until one dies. Everything else is merely

ripples on the surface. Dairy cooperatives factories revolutions

rates of return on investments beef cattle versus dairy cattle

all this is unreal. What is real is earth sun rain and the air

which is warmer in summer than in winter.

It’s that simple.


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