Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Kjell Espmark: 'Kaninen stilla vid sitt hål i gräset'


The rabbit motionless at its hole in the grass

like an etching by maestro Albrecht.

As if the meek had been posted

to guard the path to the lower world.

Scare it off! The land without matter

belongs here around my tailor’s cottage.

Nature is an open book

where the writing conceals the real writing –

in the opinion of the great mystic. Ergo:

cut out what is randomly written with scissors,

especially the white soundless butterflies

which entice the lavender to flower.

The sky that seems to be about to burst

is held together for one hour still by the

thoughtless stitches of the swallows. Rip them out!

Perhaps though the strength of the landscape comes

from the sea breathed in the tops of the ash-trees.

Cut out the sea too! And the trees.

Cut out even the thought of sea and tree.

Finally the evening is silent and white

and everything that is


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