Sunday, 12 July 2020

Thomas Tidholm: 'Gå inte ut'

Don’t go out

The problem of our age. It’s been said: there’s
no way out. But I say: there are too many ways
out. All that is offered is ways out, but no way
It’s also said: all ways out have already been
used up. But I say: In that case, try and find a
way in. For the way in cannot be used up. As soon
as one’s come in one is there. Then one has it
around one. Then one can sit by the fire.
But when a way out has been tried and one 
does come out, one straightway wants to go in,
for outside there’s nothing else than absence and
cold space. Hence this bitterness, and this
disappointment about ways out.
So I say: Don’t go out. Go in instead.
And if the house starts to shake, stay put.
Stay put with a lovely smile on your face.

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