Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Torild Wardenær: 'Arvestykke CCCXXX'

Inheritance CCCXXX 

Field studies II 

The seaward approach calm and without engines across green lakes with mountains that descend into the water and Jalapeño birds in flight over them – how can I explain this: every morning to get a new watermark when arriving at field I from field II, these areas not so dissimilar, but often
this journeying between them describes some strange distances along the dark mountains, beneath the hunting birds and in this demotorised sailing trip from the particular exactness of sleep, an ecstasy that can only be measured in its own ecstasy and in the firm admission of the sin of the waking world and in the great initiations that have to be counted on every night – all this in the greatest intimacy
and exactitude along with some outburst or other from animals or humans in distress or joy, the scraping of claws against an underlying surface, water in motion, the rattling of strange ceremonies and customs, the war in progress, the almost soundless cardinal fish, the whoosh of the closest fixed stars.

What can I say about this simultaneity that blends with the sharp cries from the
hunting Jalapeño birds?
A moment of absolute pitch is unexpectedly granted me and naturally I seize the opportunity,
 identify the note precisely in the transition between field I and field II and say:
‘That is a C sharp.’ 

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