Saturday, 11 July 2020

Thomas Tidholm: 'Människotrygghetens tid'

The age of human security

The age of human security came to an end
around 1840. People’s bodies were then
unable to contain their souls any longer. A fault had
developed, people woke up
early in the morning and looked about their rooms,
put their feet down on the cold splintered wooden floors and
went over to the windows. It was more beautiful outside
back then, you mainly saw leaves. Grimy
mines and blast furnaces existed, but not a blackness
over everything like today. Outside
the window stood an innocent daybreak, a blessing
if you like, or a reminder
of the old blessing of being allowed to wake up
and be in its midst.

It was then, in the autumn of 1840,
with all at its loveliest, that the bodies were
unable to retain their souls any longer. The frost there
was like a hand stroked over the grass. The souls
shrank and began to wander. They
made for the city centre. There winds blew
in empty streets. There tobacco shops
and casinos existed. The souls sought work and found it
got married and had children, gained access
to administrations and department stores and built
this entire world
of desolation. But the bodies
drew ever closer to God, they flowered
in all the shades of autumn,
before oblivion finally
fetched them, home to his huge
heap of leaves.

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